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Life off the beaten track

Couple of days ago the cars battery packed up ........... pretty routine but it took us 3 days before we were back on the road ........... downside of living in a remote area .......... or is it a blessing in the form of slowing one down?

Day before yesterday water pump in chalet packed it in. So yesterday was backwards & forwards to nearest town where there are pumps & fittings available, & trips to friends to borrow tools & more buying of tools. Then the struggle to fit the replacement pump which has different dimensions to the old one. Then it was over pressuring the system & wouldn't switch of automatically ......... & all product info is in Cz ....... & my taped joints were drip leaking ........... so today it is back to disassembly & reassembly .............. but at least I could start my day with a cup of coffee & can brush my teeth & have a wash.


Re: Will

The will can be destroyed. Making an early start with clearing the house for the proposed amalgamation I see. Dreadful job so you are wise to give yourself lots of time to do all the sorting.
Surprising how soon everything becomes relative to one's circumstances. I am quite chuffed now that we are having some warmer weather ........ like max 15C. Just don't expect anything above 20C until next summer!!. But doing quite OK. Have stove going most days (& nights) & makes for a nice cosy home & have super jacket for outside "visiting trips" ......... when working outside overalls & jersey & physical activity keep me nicely warm. Have had a fireplace expert here & are hoping to have the downstairs fireplace converted & operational before the real onset of winter. According to him with insulation & the new stove the chalet will be overheated just burning wood & natural air circulation.

Cz is currently the same time as SA. During winter (think Nov to Mar) the clocks are moved back one hour.

Got myself a sim card ......... # ...... + (or 00) 420 776 09 3171. It will probably be switched off a lot of the time then you can contact Magz.

Re: Invitation

Three down & 3 to go? I'm sure that the way things always seem to bunch up at the last moment you are moving into those "bunched" days. Hope you have time to read your email!!

My container arrived here at the end of October & we have been unpacking ever since. Just about got everything out of the boxes now but still have to find places for the items in the house, which involves constantly arranging & re-arranging the rooms. So I can share your fusing of 2 homes into one. There has already been a facelift to the interior of our cabin with our family oak dining table taking pride of place. The donation of the circular table to Zeta is no problem for me. It is in fact a good move as it went to a needy household & is appreciated. Didn't end up on the junk heap or as firewood.

I still face the traumatic junking of my personal stuff. In Richards Bay in the final rush I just chucked it all in boxes.

We've had a bit of snow but so far the winter has been very mild. I will send you my general family & friends email with details & some pix (that I've had on my to do list for way too long now but feel I will get down to it within the next week)

I must say I feel disappointed in B&J's declining to attend your wedding. Thought they should have been there to represent your side of the family (read me). I realize there's the "old fogies stay put" syndrome that gets stronger with passing years & that the markets are under pressure but don't quite buy the cash strapped line. I know I have no business or right to make these pronouncements but I'm being truthful & direct (in the best European tradition).

Anyway I hope the wedding proceeds without a single upset or misstep, & that the wedding service & the celebratory dinner are joyous occasions. Most of all we wish you a long & happy shared life in the months & years to come. May God's blessing be upon your marriage.

Randolph & Magdalena.

Re: Invitation

Thanks for the invite ......... would really love to attend ...... but finances unsettled if not a bit shaky with current markets & spending money on fixing the house (& living!!) this side.
Wonder if B&J will be making the trip?
I just don't get to my email so am not communicating, especially with the family as I should. But that doesn't stop you from giving me your news !! But then I suppose you are pretty much on the run with merging the two households into one & other exciting wedding arrangements.
The phrasing of your wedding invitation was very much appreciated by Magz (had her in tears) ...... God's blessing for a joyful celebration of love .............. very different from European atheism.

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